This cat is supposedly the actual worst alive. This fucker will make you say "dang, that's an asshole cat." This shithead is the type to wait for you. God damn. Makes you think about it, how did he become so evil. Like where did he learn all his technique. Did he go through a hero's journey before or after becoming the worst cat. Does he own any arwards or tropheys for his efforts. Most people don't have the ability to be able to be that evil at all. When was he born did any percipation occur? Was it raining, or snowing, even maybe hailing abit outside. Does he have the power to control people or possibly the weather but only on certain days of the month? Did he transfer AIDS to multiple child bearing mothers who would soon birth them? Did he find a dog and then got in fight once and now puts up a front of how he feels he sound be. Does he have deep imbedded childhood issues that have left him unable to develop realtionships with others. Smart, fast, and strong he is for sure. but is he actually cool or just an asshole. Like does he wait on his terribleness or just hate on everyone. Do you have to earn his respect? Is he an asshole to everyone that nears him or just the ones that interact